I’m So Sorry

Please ignore my previous post. I was so stupid. ┬áPanda.. I thought it was a real Panda that you like. I was so stupid. I’m sorry. What did I think about?!! Begging for you to talk to me, begging for you to meet me. I didn’t mean to bother you. I thought you felt something toward me. I thought if we could talk, if we could meet, if you understand how I feel toward you all this time, you’d be happy. I didn’t know that it would only make you feel really uncomfortable. I don’t know how could I be so stupid. I’m really sorry. It’s just.. that night, you said you’d be happy if I’m happy. I thought it means that I didn’t love alone. That maybe the status that I asked you before was about your feeling toward me. I thought it was because I was too careful, I made you wait for long and I didn’t want to make you wait any longer. I thought it was because I hid my feeling, I made you sad and I didn’t want it to continue. I was so stupid.t I’m sorry if I was being aggressive. I though if both of us feel the same way, it will be better if we meet and talk it out. I was blinded by an illusion created by my own mind. I thought you were lying when you said you just think of me as a friend. I thought you said it just because you were afraid. I didn’t know that you really just see me as a friend. Thank you for being a very good friend. I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to annoy you. I’m not gonna do it again. Please forget all my wrong doing, all the foolish words that I said. Please be happy.

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