Please Forget Me Well

I’m sorry if tomorrow you have to wake up to think that I’m gone. To think that I finally turn my back on you because I can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry if I put that thought in your mind. Maybe it would feel like a torture at first. I cannot promise that it would get easier after some time. I cannot promise that in the end, you will really be able to forget. But at some point, you’ll get used to it.

Unfortunately, you unfriended me on Path. So I cannot show you my smiling face and act like everything is going perfectly fine for me. Actually, it can help. Seeing the smile of your loved one. It wouldn’t make you feel less painful. But it will warm your heart. That at least you don’t suffer for nothing.

If only you allow me to borrow your heart for a while, I’m sure you will be able to see that I’ll always take care of it very carefully. But of course, not everything can go the way I expect it to be. But I still grateful. Cause you give me a chance to dream. It is miraculous for me.

Please forget me well and continue living your life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment you go through, do what you love to do, keep yourself busy with work, hang out with friends. That way, at least your mind won’t be full of me 24/7. The more you think about me, the harder it’d be to forget. So find some distraction. Try to focus your mind on what you want to achieve for many years to come.

Later, when you feel like you’ve been healed and ready to love again, I hope you’d find someone who loves you dearly and can really you treat well. I’ll be waiting for that. Maybe when it happened, you won’t have any problem if I show up again. Meanwhile, please forget me well while still making the most out of your days.

There’s only one more thing that I want to say. If you really want to forget, please forget me well. But if one day you change your mind, I want you to know that I will still be here.

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