You Just Don’t Know

Do I really have to say it? You’re the one who said let the words remain unsaid.

Actually, I’m not erratic, I just don’t like it if things get too sentimental. It’s just not my style. But just because I look cold-hearted, doesn’t mean that I’m heartless. Just because I act like a conceited person, doesn’t mean that I’m really full of myself. Just because my frankness hurts, doesn’t mean I intend to hurt people. How I represent myself, it’s just the casing. It’s a part of me, but it doesn’t always define who I am inside.

Do you know that what you’re doing now is so risky? It makes you look so controlling. And for me, it’s so scary. It also makes you look so cruel. I guess you have no idea, that you’re torturing me by trying to push me away. Had I failed to see through you, I would have run for the hill and never look back. But for me you’re a treasure I wouldn’t trade for anything else.

How else should I tell you? Maybe if elaborate it this way you would understand.

I want to make you smile because seeing you smiling makes me happy
I want to make sure you’re okay cause if you’re not, nothing is fine for me
I want to know if you’re doing well cause not knowing how you’re doing makes me restless

Yeah.. in the end, everything I do for you is for my own well-being. Yeah, I know. It’s selfish, so self-centered. Thank you!

But actually it’s not that bad, isn’t it? I’m still genuine in everything I do. But now, there’s nothing I can do about it. Though you won’t let me know, I hope you are doing well.

I really, really, really wanna drop you another message. Who knows this time I finally do it right. But message you just to get ignored again? Aaaahh..!! You just don’t know how much it hurts.

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