Knock, knock

Are you there? I heard an important position is vacant and everyone is welcome to apply. I hope I’m not too late for the walk in interview. I believe I’m a great fit for the position. I’d be so thrilled if I’m given the chance to fill the position and will definitely give my best to contribute.

Hmmm.. Well.. This is kinda embarrassing. What did I say? New employee? Apparently, I was the one who’s dreaming. I haven’t even been accepted yet. I’m sorry, I got too excited. I forgot that I’m in interview stage and I shouldn’t have act forceful. Sometimes I.. eeerr… well… lost my mind. I got flare up over something that only exists in my mind. That was disrespectful and I really apologize.

Well.. My last two posts, maybe it does not actually digress. Usually, in an interview, there are questions that asks the interviewee to tell about themselves and what they know about the company. So.. uuhh.. The last two posts pretty much answering the question. Allow me to sum it up.

My strength points:

  • I’m very optimistic. No matter how hard the situation is, I won’t easily give up and I’m willing to go for the extra miles to get the best solution.
  • I’ve quite resourceful. I rarely run out of ideas. If one way doesn’t work, I’m ready to come up with another one.
  • I’m pretty good at analyzing a situation.
  • I work best on my own but also work great in a team and I’m always helpful.
  • I’m very loyal and have a great dedication.

My weak points:

  • I have a good intuition but rarely rely on it. So when I have to deal with something that’s not fact-based, I often got troubled. But I will work on it.
  • I have a strong impulse to act when I sense there’s a problem. Sometimes this makes me bit reckless. Still working on this one too.
  • Sometimes I’m a bit full of myself. Actually, this isn’t really a bad thing if you would like to see it as being confident.

I’d like to give some additional information. I’m very open minded, I’m open to every kind of common sense. I can be a bit erratic when I experience emotional turmoil, but this rarely happens, I have a great composure under most circumstance. I can be pretty rebellious over some rules that do not make any sense but quite obedient to follow those with a clear objective. I normally don’t talk much, but I can be a good conversationalist too. I’m quite flexible, but sometimes can be a bit rigid. Despite everything, I can be a good partner. 😀

So… That’s pretty much about me. I do understand what I’m gonna be the part of and I believe that it’s gonna be mutually beneficial for us both.

Hmmm.. Normally, in an interview, the interviewer will ask if the interviewee has any question. I do have a question. In a vacancy, usually the requirement is listed. I’m not clear about this yet. I would like to know what is expected from the person who will fill the position so I can perform my best to meet the expectation if I’m selected.

Okay. I guess that’s pretty much I can say. If you have any question, I’d be happy to answer each and every one of it. If there’s some test that I need to complete, please tell me what kind of test, when and where I should do it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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