I’m Gonna Be Around

Okay, before we get into the main issue, I want to update a bit about the last post. So.. She’s not answering to me. It’s not something new again. And I was kind of.. well.. went through another emotional rollercoaster. But managed to handle it in the end. Actually, it’s not really a bad thing.

I think I start to get a bit of an idea about this girl. She loves to talk, debate, insightful debate, but she hates conflict, argument, or anything that seems like it. It’s quite contradictory, isn’t it? Yeah, she’s really that interesting.

Was it really harsh? Asking for the truth. Maybe I just wasn’t good at expressing it. Well.. the truth can be anything. Something like..

What’s your favorite color?
What kind of food do you like most?
What’s your preferred kind of coffee?
Coffee or tea?
Sweet or salty?
bland or spicy?
Chocolate or flower?

Okay, maybe the last one is off-limit. Anyway, I know she has her own reason. But I’m still dying to know what it could be. This girl.. hmmm.. Despite how straightforward I am, many of the things I say, there are a lot that is unspoken. But she’s even more than that.

Apparently, we both don’t talk with words. Well, I did talk with words, too much maybe. I’m gonna seal my mouth now. I need some duct tape. And a finger cuff, please.

Anyway, it seems like we are both sharp yet clueless. Well, maybe you’re sharper than me. And a bit wiser too. But I’m not that bad either. But I wonder.. how are we going to survive this?

Well.. Let’s not worry about it. Everything will be okay in the end. So… Now, I’m gonna talk about what I want to talk about. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I made a special recording yesterday for this post. Here it is..

Lol. How many times did I say sorry just for laughing? Since when did laughing become a crime? What a silly!

I said that I’m gonna add only one more post for the closing. But there’s a nice dance video that I want to show you but I  forgot to make a post about it. Chris Martin’s video. No, not Chris Martin from Coldplay. Just a dancer. But he dances well. So.. There’ll be two more posts coming.

Actually, I need to thank you for something. I’m not gonna write about it here. But in short, what we went through lately might not be anything pleasant, but I learned something in the process. That’s why I said, you’re everything I like about someone. Even when we go through bad times, there’s always something I can take.

Btw, I didn’t know that your sister was hospitalized. If I knew that’s where I’d go. Oh, come on.. I wouldn’t try to “use” the situation. But usually, when someone’s not feeling well, they will like it when someone comes and visits. But maybe you would rather me not do it.

Anyway, I hope she fully recovered soon and is ready to do her routine again in no time. You, take care of your health too. Take your meal on time and don’t stay up too late at night. And find ways to manage your stress when you are.

So now… Music! Let’s turn the volume up. This is a good one.

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