I Take My Words Back

I know, I always say that I’m true to my words, so I shouldn’t do something like taking my words back. Also, I  cannot take what I’ve said. But, everything I said, that sounds like she makes things hard for me, I take it back! All of it!

I’m not gonna erase what I’ve written. Let it be a reminder for me that I’ve done something really foolish so I won’t do it again in the future.

Actually, I really have a lot to say right now. But I’ve promised I’d be careful, so I will. Let me just say one thing.

What has happened, I thought it happened because I let my heart make decisions on its own. But now I realized, it was because I let my brain keep interfering when it shouldn’t. So brain, please mind your own business. And give the heart the honor to deal with its own matters.

Eeerr.. Okay, actually I want to say something else too. I thought she didn’t do anything. That I was the one who kept trying in every way. But now I realize that actually, she did something really brave.

That night, she went out of her way to say what she said because she could sense that I felt terrible. She didn’t even want to wait until we meet. She just said it so I wouldn’t have to feel bad because of her. But then I… Huufftt.. Why am I so slow in this kind of thing? I should never doubt you.

What she said that night, it makes up for everything.  Everything she did and everything she might do in the future. If she really cannot forgive me, it must be because I’m a very bad person. Every crime deserves a punishment. So you, spoiled brat, be brave and face yours.

Btw, my lady, why hide your face behind the pic? Just because he said it’s nice, doesn’t mean that you have to hide your beauty like that. Wait! It is.. a new phone?

Hmmm… Music, music, music.. What would be a good one now? How about this one..

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