Aye Aye Captain!

I just realize it a few moments ago. How annoying I’ve been for the last few weeks, when suddenly I received a message confirming it all. It’s good that I received it after I realized all of my foolishness. I must have been such a real pain in the a**. Hufft.. This is truly embarrassing. Oh no, what have I done?

Maybe I got too excited. You know.. all this time, I could never really have a long conversation with her. Suddenly, she messaged me and, it seemed like we could really have a talk and… I didn’t want it to end. Oohh.. What a fool.. This is really embarrassing. What have I done?

Is the genie in the bottle really exist. At least that kind of magic, does it really exist? Make me invisible, please. This is really.. What kind of embarrassment did I create to myself?

Yeah, of course, we are impossible. What have I done, begging for your attention like that? Huuufftt… Is this always how it feels like? When you do something that really, truly… hmmm.. what is it? I think the word embarrassing is not enough. I mean, I do it to the person I… care about.

Whoooaahhh!!! You spoiled brat!! Couldn’t get your mind right, huh? Sigh.. This is really..

Oh sanity, where did you go lately? Now that you’re back, all kinds of shame also bombard me. Even if there’s a chance, how would I ever have the guts to face her again?

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