Should We Mark The Date?

Yesterday was like a dream come true. Who would have thought that we actually had a chance to go out and order a table for two for real? I mean, we’ve known each other for years and all this time we can’t even get close to it. Reunion can really make the impossible possible.

So, I found some new fun facts today:

  1. You are so lively. You can meet someone in the public area, call their name so cheerfully, and do a high five just like that.
  2. You have a really good appetite. That’s great. This is what I like from you. You’re always so yourself.
  3. You’re kinda forgetful. Wasn’t it memorable? At all? Seriously?!!
  4. You are a very softhearted person. I knew this already. But the way you see a situation is commendable. Though it makes me a bit worried. I mean, you care a lot about people even those you don’t’ even know. What kind of disaster someone can create for you when you truly care about them? But then, what kind of person would have the heart to hurt you?
  5. You are truly a fair lady. I mean, you’re a very fair person. Let’s split it? Can’t you just let me have the pleasure of doing something for you? Should you really take my little joy?
  6. You are as lovely as ever. Okay, maybe this one is nothing new, but it’s everlasting and surely something fun.

Anyway, I’m so glad that we had that chance. And I surely won’t mind repeating it another day. So, should we mark the date?

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