Looks Yummy

You know what? I’m so glad that I see you sharing quite a lot lately. Usually, people will share a lot when they feel great about their life. So I suppose you must be very happy nowadays. Of course, it doesn’t mean that those who do not share much on social media feel bad about their life. Sometimes that’s just who they are.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that you’re doing great. But it seems like you’ve been compromised quite much ya win? I mean, let’s see.. coffee -oh wait, it’s not coffee, it’s tea! Morning tea is a perfect drink to start your day. Is it safe to assume that you still don’t drink coffee? -, late at night sleeping – maybe this one is a problem since long ago -, beer – I know it’s not like you get drunk or something, but still, beer is a beer -, craving for sweets – maybe you also fond of chocolate now. This isn’t really a problem actually -, and now, instant noodle – at least the egg gives you some protein-. All of which you used to despise. Maybe despise is not the word, but if I’m not mistaken, you were not a fan of all those. Things change quite a lot since the last time I saw you.

Maybe you need someone to remind you not to go too far. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you just enjoy your life. Probably you know exactly where the border is. Maybe I’m just worried. Possibly because I don’t’ know what’s really going on there. Perhaps I can just drop you a line. Isn’t it normal for friends to text one another?

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