Missing Me?

Have you ever heard a quote by Paulo Coelho, “And when you want something, all the universe conspire in helping you to achieve it”? Then how about, “When you miss someone, every inch of your body conspires in helping you to express it”? That one is quite famous too. Well, maybe one day it will.

But seriously, do you miss me? Seems like you use my color all the time lately. Eeerr.. Okay, I haven’t patented it, but the whole world knows how much I love it. And it’s just about time until I declare how I really feel. oufftt.. Sorry for blabbering.

So.. You’re some kind of a model now? Preparing for a contest? Does it really necessary to be so lovely? You don’t have to go for any contest. You’ve already won a huge prize. My heart. Hmmm.. Something definitely wrong with my mind. Ciao for now!

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