Don’t Let It Tangled

And I see it once again, “It’s okay to follow your heart but take your brain with you”. Crap! Such baloney. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with the statement. Using both our minds and heart is an essential part of living our life. However, I suspect that most people may misinterpret it.

Feeling rationally. It’s no different from thinking emotionally. None of those things will help you get real fulfillment in life.

Funny, isn’t it? That this is spoken by someone like me, a so-called rational person. But though I like to let my brain be on the front line of every issue, when I feel, I let my heart do the job. It is the honor it deserves.

This is pretty much the same as fairness. When I was a kid, my teacher told me, that fairness does not mean treating everyone equally, it means treating everyone the way they deserve. Remember that balance doesn’t mean equality, it means, putting the proper portion into everything. Sometimes it can be equal, some other times it just cannot. We are using a different scale than the one used by the tradesman, okay?

So, this is what I know… Listen to your heart to figure out what you really want and use your brain to find ways to accomplish it or, make a level-headed decision and let your heart sniff if it would bring misery to any living creature before you make a move.

Don’t use your brain to justify whatever you feel or do not feel. Use it as a way to help you achieve whatever your dreams are. And don’t use your heart to blindly feel any negative emotion, let alone create an assumption about someone without learning the fact. It supposes to make you more human, not miserable.

If you force your heart and mind to walk side by side, one of them will get really sick in the long run. They are meant to support each other, not to be jumbled and tangled and lose their identity. Appreciate their unique features. Each of them deserves to shine on their own.

Btw, this is by no means saying that you are one of those who live their life with the confusion of how mind and heart really work. But you gave a vote for it. So, just in case. But.. you’re a dreamer, aren’t you? Never give up on your dreams. It doesn’t matter what people are trying to tell you. You decide for yourself the kind of life you want to live in. In the end, the reward is always worth every effort.

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