Should I Sing You a Lullaby?

You are really terrible at following advice, don’t you? At least you can have some consideration for the other person. I’m so worried about you and I can’t do much about it.

What is so hard about getting to bed in time? What makes you stay awake so late at night? Why would someone who has a lot of concern about health do something that without a doubt adversely impacts health?

How to make you go to sleep in time? Should I sing you a lullaby? I don’t have a soothing voice like you, but I’m not that bad of a singer. Anyone who listens to me singing will fall asleep imminently. Perhaps they just can’t stand it. Anyway, I still take pride in my voice. At least it can be a good treatment for insomniacs.

So, should I sing you a lullaby? What do you think about it?

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