The Experience

I was in the middle of making a draft for one of my websites about how the desire for experience affect customer’s purchasing decision when I realized that it does not only apply in business but also in personal relationship.

What makes people go for a high-end product instead of a standard one that can also fulfill their needs?

Let see.. Why do people go for Mercedes Benz instead of Honda when both cars can actually ride them to their destination within similar time frame? Cause it gives them different experiences. It gives them different feeling. It’s the experience that they’re chasing for. And it’s priceless.

I can’t believe this. How could I be so foolish? I’ve been spending years trying to figure out why I feel what I feel for you. I wrote countless praises to justify this feeling. Cause I never thought that someone would be beyond me. And the only thing that makes sense is because you’re far greater than everyone I’ve ever met.

But that’s not it, is that? I mean, you’re amazing, that’s for sure. But that’s not why I head over heels in love with you. And after all these years being clueless, I realize just now that actually the reason is very simple.

Because I love the experience you gave me. Because I love what I feel when you’re around. Because I love the fact that you made me feel that way. That’s why I love you. And that’s why no matter what, you’ll always be lovable to me.

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