Hope Is a Dream That Never Sleeps

Every day my life is like a dream 
If we can see and love each other
I’ll stand up again
The happiness of those precious moments
Will even be warmer during difficult times
For me, hope is a dream that never sleeps

Even if I stumble and fall thousand times
I’m still standing like this
I only have one heart
When I’m tired, you’re my strength
My heart is towards you forever

So I swallowed the hurt and grief
I’ll only show you my smiling face
It doesn’ even hurt now

I’ll always cherish the dream 
That I want to fulfill with you
And try to call you
Even when you’re beyond my reach
I will love you with all my heart

You know, sometimes when I saw you singing, I wondered who’s the one you had in mind. You always looked so into it. That sometimes you couldn’t withhold your smiling face. Was it pure joy because you love the song or was it because you couldn’t contain the happiness of having that particular person in your mind?

I made a big mistake, didn’t I? When I kept coming to you barefacedly, hoping that I’d come to my sense soon. Cause, in fact, it only made me fall for you even deeper.

It’s the soundtrack of King of Baking, isn’t it? Dreams, Bread, and Love. I guess that’s why it wasn’t sound all that new to me. Yeah, you’re always good at picking a song. I hope you’re that good at picking someone too.

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