My Shining Star

I will move on I said, I know. I’m also aware that in the process of moving on, admiration for that specific person is strictly prohibited. But I found a draft that I haven’t managed to publish. Such a shame if I have to keep this a draft forever. So here we go.

Have you ever watched Soul Surfer? It’s a great movie. Another perfect example of a determination dress as a teenager. True story movies never cease to amaze me. Especially when the strongest element of the movie is built by a daring determination.

Sometimes I wonder, if I can pick one episode in my life and turn it into a movie, will it be worth watching? Is there any specific part that will give a clue that I’m really living my life with no regret? Maybe a movie about loving someone unconditionally? Even if it means letting go.

But I’m not gonna be the main character there. I don’t have a happy ending. In other words, I don’t have a good story. The script needs a rewrite.

Okay, I wasn’t going to write about the story of my life actually. I want to talk about a specific part of the soul surfer movie. There’s a scene about how things would seem extremely different when you look it at a very close distance. When we’re too close to a problem, it would be hard for us to see the whole picture. We need to find a different angle.

I think it doesn’t only apply to problems but also to humans. When you barely know someone and when you are already close to that particular person, you can see a whole different world. In most cases, it might not be truly different. But there’s no single piece of paper that can completely represent a book.

Normally, a summary will give you an idea of what the book is all about. You can get a grasp of what you can expect from the book. You’re prepared to see the gradation of the various different world it has. Sometimes the process would even go so smoothly that you barely even notice there’s a significant gradation.

I was also that prepared when I began to open every chapter of your story. But I never thought that instead of unveiling several spectrums of your world, I would get my world turning around. Everything about you looks so refreshing, original, and pure. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

I mean, a combination of it all, it’s just nonexistent. How could it even be possible?

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