Live Long Life

Okay, before I express my congratulation I just wanna say that I’m a bit confused here. I mean, the previous one was quite short, yea? The period I mean. Was he just a temporary comfort? Cause if there was anything real going on between you two, I just don’t get why it meets an end so fast. What’s really happening? I’m going crazy when I’m clueless.

Okay, my apologies. I heard rumors. Rumor is bad. But I was clueless. Anyway, ignore the above

Anyway.. Live long life! Eeerr.. Maybe that’s not the appropriate expression. What it’s supposed to be? Get along well, okay? Wait, that doesn’t sound right either. Okay.. Okay.. I’ll say it seriously now.

Last forever, okay?! Or maybe should I just say.. Get married soon. Don’t waste time. Beautiful life waiting ahead of you guys.

Frankly speaking, I don’t really feel like congratulating you both. But you look so happy. So, I’m happy for you too.

I really don’t have much to say now. So.. Live long life! Until you both grow old together. Keep sharing the love you have inside with each other.

Btw, I had another sequel of “I must have missed you last night”. It already reached season 4. One more then I’ll hit the jackpot. But I think it’s really time to move on now. Guess there’ll be no more “I must have missed you” episode.

Anyway, be happy as you’ve always been. Don’t let him hurt you. I may not be one who can give advice about such things, but I think the most important element of a relationship is communication and understanding. So, take care of each other and talk it out when things are unclear.

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