Another Visit

This is the third series of I must have missed you. I got another visit from an angel comes down from heaven in my dream last night. I wonder why is it every time I try to let go I appear to become half-insane and fall down. Having you visited my soundest sleep and misspoken some of the names to yours are only a couple of countless accidents coloring my days.

This is not the first time I got to go through this moment. So far I failed. It would awaken all the memories back, make me miss you like crazy, and be paralyzed with the thought that I’m not moving on. But that’s not all it’s done.

I would be almost completely paralyzed and spent a good deal of time thinking about you, worrying about something I couldn’t do anything about. Too beautiful to forget, too amazing to be ignored. I have no plan to sweep you away from my life. But I have things to do, goals to achieve, and dreams to reach out.

Playing with you on my mind has always been very pleasant. But it’s time for me to completely focus on my life. I’m not ready to forget you and I doubt I will ever be. But this time, I will surrender everything to fate. If our path means to merge, we’ll meet again. If it’s not, I just want you to know that I always want nothing but the best for you.

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