So Confusing

Still remember how I used to say that you always keep me puzzling? You are the most unique and complicated person I’ve ever known. And I must be the craziest person on earth to keep troubling myself like this.

“You make me happy, you make me worry”. You know, you shouldn’t have written it. You should have received those words, from me.

I used to write my poem for you, now I write to forget about you. But even when I try to move on, you still feel like a big influencer in my life.

I used to be amazed by how such a very lovely lady like you seem to be doing perfectly fine by yourself. It made me baffled. It made me want to protect you. It made me want to take care of you. It made me think, if you’re not going to get somebody, I’m gonna take the job.

I don’t know many women who would take care of themselves instead of the resort to comfort from others when they actually can get as much as they want. You were totally amazing.

But now, frankly speaking, you somehow look like a player to me. Mr. G, that big boy, and now, Mr. Loke? Who’s the one in your heart truly? Enlight me. It worries me to death. I mean, how come such a very lovely lady as you give me that kind of impression? Maybe it’s because I don’t know the whole story. Anyway, it’s not my business anymore. Also, worrying alone wouldn’t help.

I hate to say that there’s nothing I can do about this. But I believe you’re wise enough to decide for yourself. Whoever it may be, please be faithful. And live your life as great as ever, happily.

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