Don’t Be Sad

I’m sorry about my last post. Seems like my temper just needs a way out. I regret that I gave a very different color and aura to this website. This is supposed to be a serene place where I pour all I think and feel about someone who took my heart away.

My lady, don’t be sad. I wish I could say this to you. I wish I could ask what is it that troubles your mind. I wanna be the ears you can always talk to, the heart which can always understand you, and the mind that can always keep you sane. But I couldn’t fight the silly thought that telling myself not to do something reckless.

Why are you so hard to be understood? What’s on your mind? How do you really feel? What makes you sad? What makes you happy? I want to know it all. I want to see beyond what you represent to the world. I want to understand.

I’m glad that you seem to have already sorted things out. Don’t be sad. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine in the end. Don’t let anything bring you down. I know you’re way stronger than you seem.

Fortunately, there are blank sheets of your life. So, what are you going to write?

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