My Little Panda

Before we go any further, let me make it clear, I’m not little panda. You, are my Little Panda. You’re my inspiration. You’re the reason I use this nickname. You’re the reason I built this “full of sentimental thought” place on the net.

Do you remember you used to set a panda picture as your desktop background? Or maybe screen saver. I don’t quite remember. I think I’m getting old. Yeah, every single day.

But the point is, that’s where it was born, the little panda thing. My little Panda. Sharp yet clueless, lively yet melancholic, serious but charming, distant but lovable, private but everyone’s favorite. The most lovable person I’ve ever known. The most difficult one to resist. The most powerful one over my world. Lucky you never realize how much I adore you.

Btw, someone else has already used this name, for business purposes. My Little Panda Kitchen. That’s how it’s called. You can already tell what the business is from the name. It’s a kitchen, of course, has something to do with food.

They handle customer orders for plant-based lunchboxes and cakes. Such a shame it’s not around. If it’s nearby, I would have made an order. Guess where it would be sent to?

But if you stay in Australia for some time, then you can have a taste of the food. Remember, you should have already ordered three days prior before you can see your cake. A week if it’s a complex one. Wow.. Seems like I got some talent. It appears that there’s marketing blood inside of me. Not bad, huh?

There are some good and bad reviews about the business. But I doubt the bad ones were made by real customers. There’s an indication that those reviews are fabricated. Well.. There’s always competition in businesses. What a shame some people don’t do it ethically.

But my Little Panda is not food nor has something to do with marketing strategy. Doesn’t satisfy my growling stomach nor boost sales results. But surely much more appealing than anything you can think of. Of course! I can skip my meals as long as I can see your face. But eeerr.. that would be unhealthy. I guess I’ll take the food too.

But really, this isn’t about food. This is about my Little Panda. The reason I created this site. I guess I’ll remain mysterious to you. I gave you clues but you didn’t seem to notice. But talking about mysterious. For me, you are even much more mysterious. I say it once again, you keep me puzzling all the time. How could someone manage to do that??

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