Sorry, You’re Not Invited

So what was your name again? Pain? I’m sorry but you’re not invited. I don’t mean to be rude, but this is really not the place you belong to. Why do you keep hanging around here? Don’t you have somewhere else to go? Should I really say this? It’s really uncomfortable to have a fan like you sticking around me like this.

I mean.. Hufftt… Okay… I don’t know why it still hurts whenever I see you talk about him. I don’t know why the pain won’t just go away. Why does the feeling still linger in my heart? And why is it though I said I’d be happy for you, the ache still comes as terrible as it was?

I hate doing this, you know? Writing something that makes me feel like my world is being ripped out┬ábecause of someone. Would you do me a little favor? Pull out that influence you have from my world. Yeah, I know I’m the one who can do it ultimately. But I must have given you the key somewhere along the way.

It appears that you’ve lost it. Maybe you never even took it in the first place. Not interested to see what’s inside? Maybe I need to do a lot of work on refining the surface. But what you would find inside if you took a chance is beyond what you could ever think.

Now, I’m the one who got to find the key back. I shouldn’t have given you the real one. I should at least duplicate it so I still have a backup. Well, I guess I wasn’t that experienced. But you surely have given me, a great lesson. Anyway, I love you still.

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