Currently really love this song from Ed Sheeran, especially this part :

“So you can keep me
Inside the necklace you bought when you’re sixteen
Next to your heartbeat where I should be
Keep it deep within your soul

And if you hurt me
That’s okay baby there’ll be worse things
Inside these pages you just hold me
I won’t ever let you go..”

Feel like I wanna sing thing song to you. Everyone has their favorite song, right? Who can live without music? Music is art and art is a way to express. Though people may have their own way of expressing, nobody would ever skip music.

My all-time favorite songs are still Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” and Michael Bubble’s “Everything”. But over time, songs that perfectly fit the music of my heart at the moment get in into the list. They come and go as the feeling changes.

I’ve always wanted to sing a song to someone. Yeah, silly right? I think that would be corny, yet crazy and eeerr.. sweet? Sugar, anyone?

Well… It just… Share something that I love with someone that I love. Isn’t that the point of being together with someone? Share the love you have inside you with someone who can appreciate it. It’s way more than finding someone because you don’t want to live this life alone.

I think those who are able to share the love they have inside with their special someone is very fortunate. Yeah, truly.. And as much as I think I’m insane for writing something like this, I still mean it.

I don’t know why it still feels funny whenever I talk about love. Because it never made for me? Or so I thought it is.. Or because of the enormous happiness, it brings with it that I cannot contain? Or maybe because I think the purest kind of love only exists in a fairy tale. Place where it belongs. Taking it out from its original place to babysit us in reality just doesn’t feel right.

But baby, my baby. I may never be able to call you this way. But you, you’ll always be my baby. And this one is also my favorite.

“Ouh darling, cause you’ll always be my baby..”

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