Is It Me Or Is It You?

Hey, twice in a row! Is it me that missing you or is it you the one that misses me? You couldn’t help it, could you? You just want to come and visit me to see if everything’s okay. You never have to worry about me. I’m good at handling things. You’re the only one that could make me lose my sanity.

But if next time you want to come by, maybe we can have some talk instead of you just showing your lovely figure to let me greet you right before you went away. I didn’t have a chance to tell you but… You looked so beautiful in white. You always do.

I must have missed you.. so much that you decide to come again. Maybe I should keep doing this. Act like I’m wounded so you will keep coming to ease my pain. If it keeps happening maybe we will go beyond what we could achieve in reality. It’s only a dream, I know. But it means you can live your life peacefully while I can have you heal my pain. Win-win, right?

Btw, I don’t mind if you come more often.

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