Nothing Make Sense

You know, I’m a very logical person. I’ve always tried to reason with everything. I’m open to every kind of common sense and normally not interested in spending time thinking about irrational things, let alone feeling.

I do feel emotion once in a while but I know where to put it. Definitely not something you need in decision-making. Even the sound of it is so out of place.

I always put my head before everything. It’s never been absent from the frontline in every issue. All this time, it works like charm.

But why is it that my brain doesn’t seem to function well when it comes to you? Everything about you keeps me puzzling. How can someone be so sharp yet clueless? Lively yet melancholic? Serious but charming? Distant but lovable? Private but everyone’s favorite?

How come every time I thought I had opened another card of you it only led me to discover there were still another hundred untouched? You are truly like a diamond. How many sides do you have within you? Will I ever be able to figure out all those and treat you the way you deserve?

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